Mario Klingemann: The Blind Sketchmaker - Exploring Generative and Evolutionary Art with Flash

FITC 2007 - Toronto, Canada, April 26th 2007
flashconference 2007 - Stuttgart, Germany, May 4th 2007
multimania 2007 - Kortrijk, Belgium, May 25th 2007
Flashbelt 2007 - Minneapolis, USA, June 29th 2007
Flashforward 2007 - Boston, USA, September 20th 2007
Flashforum Konferenz 2007 - Cologne, Germany, September 26th 2007
Adobe MAX Barcelona 2007 - Spain, October 15th 2007

Can computers create Art? All by themselves? What actually makes a visual appealing in our eyes and how can a program distinguish art from noise? Is there accounting for taste? Mario will try to find some answers to these questions with the help of tools made in Flash and AIR. This is an inspirational session, prepared in Mario’s signature blend of hands-on solutions and surprising ideas, seasoned with a dash of science.