Mashup Baby!

Flashforward 2006 - Austin, USA, September 13th 2006
FITC Hollywood 2006 - Los Angeles, USA, October 6th 2006
Adobe MAX Taipei 2006 - Taiwan, November 2nd 2006
Adobe MAX Seoul 2006 - Korea, November 14th 2006
Flash on the Beach 2006 - Brighon, UK, December 6th 2006

The internet is a goldmine of data. Almost every week, sites all over the web are offering new APIs that allow developers to retrieve their information in a convenient way. Other sites harbour interesting content but want to give it away only to humans, not to machines. But be it the easy or the hard way - data wants to be mined, processed, visualized or remixed and Flash® is the perfect tool for this job. Mario will show some of his experimental projects that mash up data coming from sources like Flickr, Amazon, YouTube, Lycos, or Yahoo. He will give an inside view into their making and offer hands-on solutions for typical Flash-related problems in this field.

There are three different versions available of this presentation which contain different gorgeous pinup illustrations by Jasmine T.